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Sam Michaels is an author, speaker, transpersonal counselorand life & relationship coach.  With wisdom, compassion and humor, she uses a blend of energy and depth psychology, imagery, mindfulness meditation, hypnotherapy, Imago Couples Therapy and cognitive behavioral techniques in helping clients actualize their own unique potential.


Having worked for years at the prestigious Passages Malibu, she brings discretion and a wealth of experience in helping celebrities, Fortune 500 executives and a high-caliber clientele address the unique challenges inherent in a very public lifestyle.  She has worked in the entertainment industry, as an executive in the corporate world, co-hosted an interview format radio show on "Emotional Fitness" with Dr. Barton Goldsmith, and has been in private practice for 15 years.  Researching into the powerful connections between mind, neurobiology and health, she has done imagery and counseling with cancer patients and their families, volunteered doing spiritual counseling through hospice, assisted in designing and implementing corporate stress management and wellness programs with Dr. David Bresler, and worked in a research capacity with Dr. Norman Cousins at the Psychoneuroimmunology Institute at UCLA.  She also conducts Mindfulness & Meditation workshops, both here and in Ireland.


Having studied extensively in contemplative and spiritual disciplines across many cultures, her work with Dr. Richard Moss on the psychophysiology of awakening consciousness has had a profound influence on her work with individuals and groups.  She received her BA from UCLA, and is now completing an interdisciplinary Masters/Doctoral program.  She brings studies into cultural anthropology, mind body medicine, comparative religion and transpersonal psychology into her work.





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