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 Wisdom of the Heart

We are just beginning to understand the wisdom and intelligence of the human heart.  It sustains its own neural network, sends critical messages to the brain, and generates 5000 times the magnetic field of the brain.

It's not only an organ carrying life-force throughout our physical bodies, it holds the pulsating primal power of love and energy that keeps our emotional and spiritual bodies alive. If we learn how to cultivate heart wisdom, to pay attention to the unerring guidance it provides us, it can change our lives.

The heart operates from openness, wholeness, oneness, and through its wisdom we become capable of understanding and integrating the complex web of life .. far deeper and beyond what our conscious minds can process.  The mind is fragmented, and evolved as an effective means to navigate our world.

When mind and heart are in harmonic communication with one another, the heart informs the brain with information that allows physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies to come into coherent alignment and fosters a more conscious way to be in the world.


Take a moment to bring your awareness to your breathing, and gently touch your physical heart area .. breathing in and out of the heart itself, gently letting go of all thoughts … feeling the tender, open, natural state of awareness that resides there.   

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