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Sunrise Meditation

Life sometimes feels more challenging now than throughout most of human history.  We're being required to adapt daily to novel changes and chronic stresses, as our roles and marriages are being redefined, economic and political stability seems a thing of the past, career, relationship and parenting demands are like never before .. and in the midst of it all, we feel compelled to Look Great, Don't Age, and definitely Don't Fall Apart.  It's enough to overwhelm a person!  


There's an expression in yoga that states, "A supple spine never ages."  Now more than ever, it's crucial that we learn how to maintain suppleness, to adapt to the changes, to move with fluidity and awareness, to let go of old structures of thought, belief and culture that no longer serve us.  There are many ways to foster this .. mindfulness practice alone helps us develop resiliency, the capacity to recover from loss, trauma, stress and confusion. By cultivating wisdom, compassion, loving-kindness, and reflection, we develop an attitude that supports our physical and emotional resilience.


Although traditional therapy can be of immense value, I try to also help guide you toward a deeper movement into finding the foundation of meaning, cohesion and clarity that you choose for your life.  Although productivity and engagement with life is of course crucial, this is not a goal-oriented boot camp .. this is about feeding the deeper soul impulse toward Wholeness. 


Until we achieve a sense of the balance of mind, body and soul, we're just working our problems over and over again with a limited brain.  We need to honor our body's needs for nutrients, movement, touch, vitality .. our mind's needs for emotional stability, work or creative expression that gives us a feeling of fulfilment and contribution ... relationships that support and sustain us .. and the soul's needs for meaning, connection, context.  


This is an intimate relationship that keeps you focused and moving forward, or even standing still, with consciousness, awareness, open-heartedness, lightness, mindfulness and presence. 

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